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What Drives Fear ?

Updated: May 29, 2020

There is a force and energy which drives everything in the world. Nature is a force to be reckoned with,one that man has no control over...or has he!?

Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, E=mc2 . Simply put this theory shows matter is energy, mass can be converted to pure energy. And energy can be used to create objects that did not previously exist.

Electricity is a form of energy and occurs naturally in nature. Benjamin Franklin 1759 is famed for discovering how to harness this energy and use it in many ways.

Medical science has discovered that the human body has its own source of electrical currents and energy which is derived from the food we eat. Ancient knowing of the human body teaches that the body is made up of several circuits of electrical energy currents.

If the charge is low in a car battery the car wont start. If the battery of a phone is low it will not function until the battery is recharged.

Would it not then stand to reason that the human body being a myriad of electric circuits, and signals will cease to work if the circuits are broken thereby rendering the charge to cease?

All battery's require a source of energy to function, the human body is no different in fact the "battery" is the life force by which we area able to live.

The various sources of energy the human body requires to sustain the life force are:

Sunlight, air, water, food and movement.

These fuel the physical body either nourishing , inflaming or destroying the electrical circuits and cells of the body until eventually like a battery it can no longer be charged and this we call disease or illness.

Quantum physics and medical research have come to find that another energy is created through thought and emotion. E- motion = Energy in motion.

E- motion; energy in motion, when we are in a state of high or low E-motion the electrical circuits are damaged. Food, air water, movement will help rejuvenate, regenerate the systems but when the E-motion is constant and prolonged the ability of the body to re-charge and regenerate becomes less and less to the stage that death is imminent.

Before this stage there is fear and struggle;

The struggle to feel peaceful, calm and at ease

The struggle to feel a gentleness and happiness

The struggle to feel well

The struggle have enough energy to make it through the day

The struggle to have fun

Before the stage of fear and struggle is;

Feeling lost

Felling unloved

Feeling not enough

Felling unworthy

Feeling unappreciated

Feeling hurt

Feeling bitter, resentful

Feeling angry

Feeling hurt

Feeling betrayed

Feeling unheard

Broken relationships

Broken heart

Broken trust

During the fear and struggle is the:


Sleepless nights




Digestion and stomach problems

Constipation and or diarrhea

Weight gain/loss

High blood pressure

Minor heart attacks




Sinus infections

Skin outbreaks - eczema, dermatitis, acne

During the fear and struggle there are seemingly endless appointments with :










Trying practices like meditation, journaling, exercise, diets, bowel cleansing.

Every minute of every day death is imminent, the body struggles to find a way to recharge and regenerate, but the pain intensifies.

What drives the fear and struggle?



Unresolved hurts



Believing something might or could may happen

What if's

Until one day, while looking in the mirror, we don't recognise the eyes looking back at us. Once bright with the energy of our life force,now dull and almost lifeless, we see the pain from the soul. In that moment the thought of death is not what we want, the decision is made.

Enough pain, fear and struggle.

We look deep into the eyes;widow of the soul and ask " What is it I need most in my life?" Quietly the soul whispers the answer and now we know. A feeling of freedom is felt right through the body. A sense of relieve and jubilation...its wonderful

When the E-motion stops, the energy of the life force in every single cell restores, new cells are firing with the surge of vitality.

When the E-motion stops, it is the death of pain, fear and struggle.

Happiness, love,contentment& joy fill the body from the inside out.

The life force is at full charge, the POWER of you is restored.

YOU are the POWER to HEAL.

Gwenda Smith

Spirit Medicine Woman

Holistic Practitioner

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1 Comment

Maria Bateman
Maria Bateman
Oct 12, 2021

I tuned into my heart and asked 'what is it I need most in my life right now?' I was shown an image of a White feather and a Pink heart ~ Peace and Love, along with a tingling sensation in my feet, thank you Gwenda x

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